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Valentine's Day!!
Valentine’s Day is on Feb’s a Tuesday this year…and we plan to have a wonderful variety of unusual flowers for you to make your selection from....starting from the weekend prior. Pre-orders are encouraged as there will be a limited supply of some of the more popular itemsWe will deliver too, and ask you to please schedule your deliveries a few days in advance to avoid disappointment!!
Laguna Beach High- Winter Formal
Coming up on Feb 4th....Please order early to get exactly what you hope for.
We love working with you to make your corsages and boutonnieres unique and encourage you to send pic's or call or come by to ask questions, tell us about your ideas and listen to our suggestions and available options with regards to flower choices....949 494 1240 or email: 
(Above....buttonniere's and corsages by The Flower Stand
and on the urban corsage idea by Mark Montano...crafter extraordinaire...)
Remember...we can personalize yours!!
A little tease of Spring.....
There are so many advantages to having an open retail space….the fresh air, the hummingbirds that come in to feed, the people I have met as they pass by or stop to buy flowers….. AND I get to work outdoors.  
I started this post last Saturday…. when being “outdoors” was not quite such a good thing. The temperatures were in the 40′s and the wind had been blasting through my stand. Sitting at my computer with my hoodie pulled up and my scarf tightly wrapped around my neck, I was feeling very grateful for the fingerless gloves that I got for Christmas especially as I had just finished washing vases and buckets in icy cold water. But today it really seems that Spring is in the air and it’s easy to encourage the idea with Poppies, Anemones, Ranunculus, Tulips and even Forsythia and Cherry Blossom in my buckets. It’s spring somewhere in the world……
But back to the pro’s and con’s of an open space….
It means that I am privy to every conversation that takes place at the tables in the courtyard and that can be good and bad. It’s busy out there and the visitors come and go, but there are lots of locals too. There’s Brian…the English guy… who has been sitting drinking his coffee under the 130 year old eucalyptus tree… every morning for the last 30 years. He’s an iconic figure around here, and everybody knows him and exactly where and when to find him. Then, there’s the knowledgeable group of older men who gather to talk for hours everyday at lunch time. I have learned much about American history by listening to them and I know most of them by name now and have kept some of them out of trouble with my fresh flowers. There is also a group that does the crossword puzzle….I think it’s an addiction…they too do not miss a day…come rain or shine…and occasionally I get to add my 5 cents worth, altho it seems that they consider my knowledge to extend only to flower related questions or questions about Africa.
I have also come to know quite a few of the people who live on the street and have charged their cell phones, kept their backpacks, lent them money and learned how some of them ended up in their situation. It’s rather sad actually…and strangely enough, in many instances, it seems to be a choice.
And it would be seriously remiss of me not to mention Daisy…..she too is known by all as she races through town in her wheelchair….usually pulling her service dog, Rosie, rather than the reverse. It’s hard not to pet Rosie as she wags her tail and looks hopefully in your direction, but Daisy is firm about the no petting rule and altho I am allowed to give Rosie water…we do not talk! Daisy stops by twice a week and loads up with fresh flowers for her customers…she always has a smile and a good word to say about everyone. I am in awe of her resilient nature and her ability to look out for herself no matter what!
There’s a bit of a flip side too…
I’m trapped in here and because I’m visible, I’ve somehow become”the toilet police” ( despite the HUGE direction sign) which does not stop the inevitable question of “where are the bathrooms” …or “the toilet paper is finished”…”there’s no paper towel”..” bathrooms are locked”…etc, etc..) I’ve come to know who’s looking for flowers and who is going to have a question totally unrelated to why I am here. I’m apparently also the coin vending machine for parking meters, responsible for lost and found and the concierge of Laguna Beach.
Regardless….there are way more pro’s than con’s…especially when it’s a beautiful sunny day in downtown Laguna Beach!
I am happy to have got to know so many wonderful local people… who have become some of my regular customers. I am grateful for their business and I look forward to being their source for fresh flowers and arrangements (we deliver too). I have loved working with everyone and like to think that I help to make their holidays, weddings and celebrations special.
Xmas is coming............
Xmas is only a week away and the orders for centerpieces are rolling in. Roses...both red and white are in short supply so I suggest you do not wait until the last minute to order to avoid being disappointed with the choices.
We also have lots of unusual flower related gift items. Potted succulents and plants, wreaths, garden tools, interesting little vases and garden sets for the kids. Avoid the crowd and come and shop the Lumberyard Complex on Forest Ave in Laguna Beach where you will find boutiques and gift shops with lots of fun items.
Halloween and Thanksgiving
Is it really possible that we are already coming to the end of 2010.
Perhaps the strange summer weather had something to do with the fact that the year flew by. Everyone seemed to be waiting for the summer, and with only a few hot days to talk about, it was over without ever really beginning. The visitors have been and gone, disappointed by the absence of our usual beautiful summer sunshine.
Of course there are pro's and cons to every situation and my flowers loved the cooler weather, they stayed fresh and bacteria free. Tourists shopped instead of going to the beach and they seemed to love my stand and the little gift section. I sold lots of vases and gift items and if I'd had a dollar for every picture that was taken....I would really be in good shape.
And now we have Halloween looming at the end of the month and I still have some Halloween Grow-a-heads available. Spiders, witches, etc...My 3 year old grandson so enjoyed his. He was fascinated by how long the 'hair" grew and he kept asking if he could cut it. We eventually let him do so and much to our surprise and his delight it started to sprout more.
Fall flowers and branches are already available too and we have even had Forsythia (imported of course from somewhere where it's spring!) We are stocked up with all kinds of organic containers for those Thanksgiving centerpieces, so stop by soon to get yours.
I also have a fresh lot of potted succulents and wreaths and would be happy to make you a custom one too.
Mother's Day has come and gone and all the hard work paid off. We sold most of our flowers and would like thank everyone who came to our stand.
We appreciate the support and hope all the Mom’s loved their flowers!
We had fun and we hope you did too!
And….now we have Prom’s and Graduation Ceremonies looming and we would like to remind everyone to get orders in early.We encourage you to think outside of the box this year and make your  corsage unique....we have lots of ideas for that.
Fabric cuffs with vintage button  flowers…add feathers or brooches, felt or tulle or crochet flowers.
We would love to help you with your own ideas too. 
I have inserted some images....some of  my own as well as some ideas found on the web. (Mark Montana, Martha Stewart etc…)  
Boutonniere’s could be different too. What about something that slots into your pocket instead of being pinned onto a lapel. Even the pin on type can be different….think succulents, twigs, maybe something organic. Feathers, buttons, twine…...???
And for those graduation ceremonies…there are various leis to chose from, but they do need to be pre- order…so please call or stop by to talk about options and we can check on availability. Orchids in white, purple or green…single or double strand, shell leis, Ti Leaf leis…lots to choose from.
Month of May
Mother's Day is just around the corner, so please order ahead to get those special flowers that your Mom (or wife) loves. We will have ready made wraps and arrangements too, but there is nothing like your personal choice to show that you really care.
We also have some unique gifts and cards...perfect for Mom!
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